Profiles in Art


22" x 28" Foam Core

  • White or black
  • 3/16” thick

Registry Book Pages

  • Information pages
  • Relative & Friends pages
  • Relatives & Friend pages with name and address

Bookmark Laminates

  • Fits 3-up book mark

22" x 28" Bristol Board

  • White or black
  • 50 sheets per box

Carrying Bags

  • Black durable canvas
  • Reinforced handles
  • Zipper closure
  • Frame bag measures at 36”w x 36”h to accommodate most frames
  • Custom sizes available call or email to inquire

22" x 28" Clear Bags

  • Re-sealable fits Bristol board, Ez-mount sheets or Foam Core

Ease-L Pegs

  • Available in regular pegs or new screw in type (may need to retro fit older easels to accommodate  pegs)
  • Available in oak or mahogany

Easel Carrying Bag